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Vanessa Gounden & Anne Samat
Fashion & Art Collaboration

Vanessa Gounden Boutique
Anne Samat - Tribal Chief
Vanessa Gouden Boutique
Anne Samat - Alpha & Omega View 2
Vanessa Gounden Boutique
Vanessa Gounden Boutique
Anne Samat
Anne Samat - Tribal Chief (Detail 6)
Vanessa Gounden Boutique

A unique presentation of the monumental sculpture, Tribal Chief, by Anne Samat, in collaboration with luxury womenswear designer Vanessa Gounden.  Malaysian artist Anne Samat employs the region’s traditional skill of weaving to create an intriguing discourse on gender roles in society.  Echoing the fashion designer’s signature style, combining vivid colours, patterns and luxury fabrics, Samat painstakingly weaves coloured threads.  She combines these with mechanical and domestic paraphernalia to create an anthropomorphic work that appears as a mythological deity or totemic figure.  Both artist and designer have a strong social conscience and a sense of their rich cultural heritage.  This powerful artwork and striking fashion collection reflect both creatives’ celebration of skill, craft and femininity.

This exciting collaboration connected the visitors and collectors of Brown's London Art Weekend (now Mayfair Art Weekend) with an exceptional installation by artist Anne Samat, and the luxurious tailoring and individuality of Vanessa Gounden’s collection.

*Project executed through former company Mehta Bell Projects.

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