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Anne-Britt Kristiansen
Anne-Britt Kristiansen
One Day in June (Detail)
Interaction (Detail)
Anne-Britt Kristiansen
Anne-Britt Kristiansen
5 The scent of summer_80x80_acrylic_abk
Anne-Britt Kristiansen
The Scent of Summer (Detail)
The Scent of Summer
To Live in the Middle of History (Detail)
To Live in the Middle of History

Anne-Britt Kristiansen is based in Oslo, Norway. She works with paintings, photography and graphics, having graduated from the Oslo Interdisciplinary Art Institute.  Her main passion lies in capturing the human condition in unique, challenging situations. She photographs her own life experience. “I aim at taking snapshots of space and time. Catching the world of feelings and emotions. We are creatures of love and pain who can pass from emotional devastation to the state of complete bliss. I want to share my experience of the world and how I see it.”

Her paintings are often inspired by her own photos or autobiographical material from her own family photo album. She is fascinated with the retrospective glance. Getting inspiration from her photos and using that for her paintings, that picture has the opportunity to change from its original form while simultaneously pointing back to its origin. The finished painting can bring about traces of recognition of a scene from the viewer’s own family album or memories. She seeks to evoke an empathy the viewer can mirror themselves.  Anne-Britt’s paintings are a collage of dream-like scenes from the subconscious mind. She is preoccupied by the border between dream and reality, specifically the art of relinquishing control of one’s rationality and giving up to the free flow of impulses from the subconscious.

The common denominator of Anne-Britt’s art is that she tries to show parts or fragments of something allowing the viewer to put his or her own story in her art. She suggests scenes we can recall having seen or experienced, moments that disappeared and unclear memories. By using disaggregated blurred lines, reshuffling sequences and switching between external and internal barriers she finds a tension between the abstract and figurative.

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